Internet Restriction

In China, the Chinese Communist Party severely restricts what can be said on the internet. Using word filters, Internet police, and scare tactics, the CCP actively seeks to keep a sort of stranglehold on talks of dissent and political strife within China. To combat this, users in China have developed a secret “lingo”, full of words with double meanings that allow them to communicate their message despite the efforts of the CCP.

Here in the United States, I feel like ours is an Internet much less restricted. Essentially, we’re free to say what we want without the immediate response of the government. I say immediate because, while we are free to say what we want, our government does have the ability to discover who it is that is saying certain things. Therefore, do we really have complete freedom?

Either way, I feel that we should be grateful for the freedom that we do have. Its far greater than other places in the world.

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