A Technological Dystopia

In the not-so-distant future, the giant mega-corporation known as Google has effectively infiltrated all aspects of our everyday lives and used its new found control to subject its will on everyone, sparing none. How exactly did Google manage to get control? To put it bluntly, people gave the corporation their greatest secrets without a second thought. Every search left behind data that painted an intricate picture of everyone who had ever used the popular search engine. Suddenly, a machine knew more about us than we knew about ourselves. It knew our likes and dislikes, our wants, our dreams. It used this information to predict how we would act; what we would buy. It began to notice trends.

But, like any good computer or artificial intelligence, it didn’t just settle for noticing and predicting trends. It began to set them. Soon enough, we were all doing as Google said. We didn’t think for ourselves anymore. We assumed it knew better. We followed every command it gave us. Its funny, who was the machine now?

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